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Bild Beschreibung
Frontscheibe GTE Cabrio ab BJ 1976 350.-
Frontscheibe GTE Coupé ab BJ 1976 350.-
Frontscheibe GTE Cabrio und Coupé 1970-1975/76 (rund) 350.-
Heckscheibe GTE Coupé bis BJ 1972 (4 Ecken) 120.-
Heckscheibe GTE Coupé BJ 1972 bis 1975/76 100.-
Seitenscheibe links GTE Coupé BJ 1972 bis 1976/76 (011 843 023) 50.-
Seitenscheibe rechts GTE Coupé BJ 1972 bis 1976/76 (011 843 022) 50.-
Seitenscheibe links GTE Cabrio BJ 1972 bis 1976/76 (012 843 023) 50.-
Seitenscheibe rechts GTE Cabrio BJ 1972 bis 1976/76 (012 843 022) 50.-
Seitenscheiben Links / rechts GT Coupé / Cabrio BJ 1970 bis 1975/76 50.-
Dreiecksfenster (Paar) 40.-

Der gesamte Lagerbestand an Puma-Glas auf einem Blatt [316 KB]

Bild Beschreibung Kontakt
Puma GTE1600; built in 1972; car no. 649 Dennis Dekker

This Puma has been in our family since the late '80s. We have multiple video's from the car on my Youtube channel 'The GTE channel'
The 1600cc engine is fitted with an electric fuel pump, twin 36 DRLA carbs, a sports exhaust and an upgraded SVDA ignition.
It has the headlight covers.
All original metal trimwork.
We do have the original seats, but the are in desperate need of repair, there are now sportstype bucket seats placed in the car
We have 4 point racing harnesses, but with a roll-mechanism for ease of use.
We have recently repaired the floorpan.
Also I have converted it back to it's original twin wiper system. I have fabricated this system my self from scratch, and is in working order, but needs some finishing in routing of the wires.
All electrics are in working order.
The top dashboard is replaced with real leather
The door cards are restored and perfect condition, but currently not fitted
We have the original 'tunnel' in de interiour
We do not have original carpets, but something that was self made at one point.
The car comes with (not yet fitted) newly purchased upgraded front and rear rollbars for better handling.
Brand new tyres are currently being fitted to whe wheels (900euros worth of top quaily Vredestein tyres for classic cars)
It has an adjustable front beam for ride height.